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4 Reasons Why Leading US Companies Outsource to the Philippines

Outsourcing has long been around since the 1970s. During this time, hiring outside labor was mostly limited to huge manufacturing companies. Fast forward to now, you can hire offshore expertise for virtually any designation! From technical support to web development, and even managerial roles–outsourcing is the way to go!

Before we break down the top reasons for outsourcing to the Philippines, let us lay out the advantages of outsourcing. 

Primarily, hiring offshore talent helps improve your day-to-day operations at a more economical rate. You will be saving on overhead expenses like office space and salaries. Additionally, you can divert your focus towards the profit-generating part of your business and other areas that require your valuable time and energy. Leave your business’ daily activities to be handled by competent and efficient outsourced employees. Lastly, if you outsource, you can scale up your business at a faster rate!  Since you’re saving time, money, and energy, you can outsource even more work which translates to an increase in earnings and rapid business expansion. 

Now, you will find the Philippines at the top when it comes to the outsourcing industry. Yes! This archipelago in Asia is one of the global leaders in outsourced professional services. Filipinos are not new to the game, and they have proven time and time again that they are one of, if not the best source of offshore professionals. And here’s why:

1.    Strong work ethic. Filipinos are hardworking by nature and they strongly believe in putting out quality output. Not only that, but they also take pride in the values of loyalty, trustworthiness, and integrity. 

2.    Exceptional communication skills. It’s no secret that the Philippines is the top choice for outsourcing and what separates Filipinos from the rest is their English language proficiency. This can be attributed to multiple factors. First, their educational system incorporates English in virtually every subject from primary school until college. History also plays a role in this. The Philippines was historically a colony of the United States and until now, Western culture is deeply rooted in the Philippines. Additionally, one of the main drivers of the Philippine economy is business process outsourcing (BPO), so the English language is ingrained in Filipino culture. A little trivia: Research has shown that two-thirds of Filipinos speak English! Even if you hike the steepest mountains or find yourself on the most remote islands, there are bound to be people who can speak English.

3.    High quality for a fraction of the cost. It’s common knowledge that labor in the Philippines is substantially lower in cost, but let us point out that this does not mean that quality is compromised. On the contrary, because Filipinos have been in the outsourcing business for so long, a lot of the potential employees have some form of experience, be it in content writing, data entry, sales, bookkeeping, customer support, or social media management, graphic design and so much more! Filipinos understand that this industry is cutthroat. You will have no shortage of competent applicants.  

4.    Positive outlook. Virtual Assistants from the Philippines are known for their sunny disposition. They are so easygoing that wherever you place them, they will embrace that role and infect others with their positive attitude. They are a fun bunch of people to work with and, most importantly, can quickly adapt to other cultures. 

Don’t think that they’re all about having fun and fooling around. No. They are highly professional and understand where to draw the line. They will not shirk their responsibilities, especially when it’s crunch time. 

Boosting your bottom line by building your team in the Philippines is our forte. Give us a call, and we are glad to share our knowledge, no strings attached.