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Why Outsource to the Philippines


To effectively lower costs and boost growth, businesses often turn to offshore teams in the Philippines. Here are the primary reasons organizations choose to outsource to this vibrant and dynamic country.

1. Filipinos speak English to a high standard. First's 2021 English Proficiency Index(1) ranked the Philippines as the 18th most English-proficient country out of 122 surveyed, and second only to Singapore in Asia. English is one of the official languages in the Philippines, and it's used in the country's educational systems and institutions.

2. The Philippines produce highly-skilled graduates. The Philippines has outstanding universities and a young population, producing hundreds of thousands of highly motivated graduates every year with college degrees that meet international education standards. With legal, financial, and government systems similar to those in the United States, Filipino professionals are familiar with Western business practices, making it easy for Western companies to work with them.

3. Filipinos have a strong work ethic. Filipino teams are highly valued by business owners because of their exceptional work ethic, integrity, loyalty and service-oriented mindset. They create a friendly work environment, respect time and individuals and value professionalism. Filipinos balance fun and responsibility while remaining respectful in workplace interactions with managers, colleagues and clients. They remain calm under pressure and possess a positive attitude towards work, which contributes to the success of outsourcing teams in the Philippines.

4. The Philippine government supports companies that outsource. The Philippine government is highly supportive of the outsourcing industry and provides strong infrastructure and support for outsourcing companies and businesses setting up an offshore team. They have implemented initiatives such as partnerships with universities to prepare the future BPO workforce, a voucher system for call center training, tax and non-tax incentives to support foreign investment and the creation of a national Information and Communications Technology Council.

5. Filipinos are culturally compatible with Western ways of working. The Philippines has been colonized by several foreign countries in the past, such as Spain, the United States, Japan, Portugal and others, which has influenced their values, traditions, customs, behaviors and ways of life. As a result, Filipinos have adopted many Western cultural traditions and lifestyles, which has created compatibility between them and foreign cultures, making them an excellent choice for BPO services. Filipinos are easy to work with due to their warm, hospitable and customer-focused nature, thanks to their culturally diverse background. They are also effective communicators and share common interests with their foreign partners in the industry.

6. The Philippines has a lower cost of living and labor. By collaborating with a reliable outsourcing provider in the Philippines, businesses can achieve significant cost savings of up to 70% on employment expenses, without compromising on the quality of talent and work output. The Philippines has a relatively low cost of living, and by outsourcing to the country, businesses can not only save costs but also improve the lives of their Filipino staff. The outsourcing industry has created many long-term, fulfilling career opportunities for the local population, who may not have had access to such opportunities otherwise.